Physical Theater

Type: stage show / Genre: corporeal mime, dance, physical theater/ Duration: 10 minutes / Number of performers: 2 / Language: nonverbal / Audience: all ages

‘A story as old as mankind. A story that is being told anew millions of times each and every day. A story that is repeating itself over and over again. Yet still, it’s a story as unique as the people that are going through it. ~ Silently, we are now about to tell you ours.’


The Love Duet is an intimate physical theater performance exposing the subtleties of an evolving relationship. The shy first meeting, playfulness, passion, lust, faith, struggle, rage, sorrow and hope – those are some of the stages you’ll witness in the course of the intense, visually striking 10-minute duet by Katja Tannert and Rocco Menzel.


Indoors and outdoors, this play is perfectly suited for audiences of all ages up to 200 people. Provide a quite corner or small stage and let two mimes and their light bulb create an emotional ride that will leave spectators deeply impressed: “You showed all nuances of a 50-year relationship, “You told so much without saying any word”, “I’m moved to tears”, “Not a single wasted second”.


Since we normally never use any words, why not keeping that tradition here as well. Let pictures and especially the trailer speak for themselves! Enjoy!


OK, for one last thing we should break the wordlessness: Spread some love! Book this show! Simply send an email to or call us at +49 178 137 62 26 and tell us about your plans. Your event size or theme might be just perfect for this short and touching creation. Too short? Our characters can mingle with your audience as discreet strolling act beforehand. And of course, the Love Duet can be performed several times a day. Get in touch and we’ll gladly provide you with additional information.

PRESS KIT DOWNLOAD containing a PDF with general information and five photos in high resolution (2,6 MB)

Photos: black and white series: Oliver Milster / red series: Óscar Bärbosa / yellow series: Wilhelm Reinke / title photo: Raf Van Meervenne