Theatre Fairytale

The Greatest Thing is a magical theatre fairytale for all ages and all stages that tells its touching story through live songs and the art of mime.

About the show

The Greatest Thing is a visual concert with an exclusive soundtrack, starring singer-songwriter Miss Walker and mime artist Silent Rocco. For about half an hour, the scene turns into a gateway to another world. A quiet vagabond walks into a seemingly lifeless neon fairy. The content of her golden leather pouch becomes the key to their common story and unleashes a tender musical fairytale, rife with enchanting live songs, interactive moments and captivating choreographies.

Basic info

Type: stage or street show / Genre: live music, mime, pantomime, visual theatre, concert, fairytale / Duration: 35 – 50 min / Number of performers: 2 / Language: nonverbal, songs in English / Audience: all ages

(The Greatest Thing at street art festival Buskers Chur in Switzerland)

Trailer video

After a successful premiere at the Shenzhen Fringe Festival in China in December 2015, we already did two big summer tours and performed at some of Europe’s most beautiful music and street theatre festivals. Whenever possible, we set up a camera to film our performances, resulting in the following trailer that perfectly captures the images as well as the sound of our show. Enjoy!

Festival references

Alongside countless bookings in Germany, previous guest performances brought us to China, Korea, Norway, Romania, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands, where we played at the following renowned festivals:

Shenzhen Fringe Festival, City of Wings Ypres, PIT Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival, Aufgetischt St. Gallen, tête-à-tête Rastatt, Soiron sur Scene, Buskers Chur, Zomer in de Mare Alkmaar, at.tension Lärz, Festival Fantastika Freistadt, Sommerwerft Frankfurt am Main, International Kleinkunstfestival Usedom, Garbicz Music Festival, STET The English Theater The Hague, Gauklerfestival Lenzburg, Children & Youth Theatre Festival at Teatrul Gong Sibiu, Dumont Festen De Panne, Pflasterpektakel Linz, STRAMU Würzburg, and many more.


(The show’s final moments in front of 400 spectators at tête-à-tête Rastatt, Germany’s biggest street theatre festival)

(Magical scene during a performance onboard art ship Evolutie in Basel, Switzerland)

(Time lapse video of our guest performance at the City of Wings festival in Ypres, Belgium)

(Our fairytale surrounded by nature at Zomer in de Mare in Alkmaar, Netherlands)

(Memorable characters: the show’s silent vagabond and neon fairy)

(Short trailer video of our stage performance at the Shenzhen Fringe Festival in China)

(Audience participation during a street show at Dumont Festen in De Panne, Belgium)

(Charming close-up while performing at Zuiderparktheater in The Hague, Netherlands)

Book The Greatest Thing

The Greatest Thing is a unique experience for all ages and all stages, indoors and outdoors, that can be performed completely self-sufficient out in the open as well as on proper stages with full PA and light. Just send an email to and tell me about your event, may it be a festival, gala or wedding.

Also make sure to check out Miss Walker’s music on her official website, and follow the show on Facebook for all our latest news and tour photos. We are looking forward to bringing our tender musical fairytale to you soon!

Press kit download

Here you can download The Greatest Thing’s press kit as ZIP folder (5,9 MB), containing a neutral info PDF, a detailed tech rider, 3 photos in high resolution and the show’s poster art in print quality.

Title picture and theatre photos by Kalena Leo