Robot artist from Berlin in Britney’s delightfully crazy music video for their new song “Hallo Frosch”

Britney is the new band of Cologne-based musicians Oliver Minck and Jeon-Il Sin. Their latest song is called “Hallo Frosch” (Eng: hello frog) and the dadaistic title alone indicates that this is not your average classic pop song. So, director Michael Klich went to the rehearsal cellar of Berlin’s famous Chamäleon variety and gathered a bunch of kids and many performing artists, and he equipped them with beautiful masks from Smirk Masks. Our MENSCHINE robot act was also part of this colourful crew. And here is the final video. Enjoy!

If you like “Hallo Frosch”, then you can follow Britney on Facebook or download the song for free on SoundCloud. And if you need a robot for your own music video production, then look no further. Just send an email to and tell us about your project. And if it’s not a MENSCHINE you need, we can also help with professional choreographic support or maybe with one of our other mime acts. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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