The Greatest Thing tour dates 2016 (developing)

The Greatest Thing is a unique visual concert starring singer-songwriter Miss Walker and mime artist Silent Rocco, combining live music and mime to tell a tender musical fairytale, suitable for all ages and perfectly fitting to indoor and outdoor stages, from busker festivals to weddings. Here, we’re going to list all public show dates for 2016. This list will be continuously updated. We are looking forward to see you at one of these events! If you catch us, don’t forget to say “Hi”.

23. – 24. :::: FEST VERSPROCHEN :::: TGT at wedding fair in Stuttgart, Germany

25. ::::::::::::: SCHLEUSENUFER :::: TGT at Easter festival in Berlin, Germany

08. – 10. :::: DE GEVLEUGELDE STAD :::: TGT at promotion festival in Ieper, Belgium
16. ::::::::::::: KATER BLAU :::: Miss Walker midnight concert in Berlin, Germany

01. ::::::::::::: KATER BLAU :::: TGT club show in Berlin, Germany
06. – 07. :::: AUFGETISCHT :::: TGT at busker festival in St. Gallen, Switzerland
08. ::::::::::::: KARFUNKEL KARNEVAL :::: TGT at cabaret evening in Basel, Switzerland
11. ::::::::::::: BUSKING :::: TGT in the streets of Reutlingen, Germany
12. ::::::::::::: CAFÉ HAAG :::: Miss Walker solo concert in Tübingen, Germany
15. ::::::::::::: KARFUNKEL KARNEVAL :::: TGT at cabaret evening in Basel, Switzerland
21. ::::::::::::: FESTIVAL OF FOLK :::: Miss Walker concert in Teltow, Germany
25. – 29. :::: TÊTE-À-TETE :::: TGT at street theater festival in Rastatt, Germany

04. ::::::::::::: OFFENE HÖFE :::: TGT at open air fest in Beeskow, Germany
15. – 17. :::: PIT :::: TGT at theater festival in Porsgrunn, Norway

21. – 23. :::: PFLASTERSPEKTAKEL :::: TGT at street art festival in Linz, Austria
31. ::::::::::::: FESTIVAL DER STRAßENKUNST :::: TGT at busking festival in Haslach, Germany

01. ::::::::::::: SOMMERWERFT :::: TGT at theater festival in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
02. ::::::::::::: SOMMERWERFT :::: Miss Walker concert in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
04. – 06. :::: GARBICZ :::: TGT at arts & music festival in Garbicz, Poland
12. – 14. :::: GAUKLERFESTIVAL :::: TGT at busker festival in Lenzburg, Switzerland
25. ::::::::::::: ALTSTADTFEST :::: Miss Walker concert for Khepera e.V. in Haldensleben
27. – 28. :::: ALTSTADTFEST :::: TGT for Khepera e.V. in Haldensleben, Germany

09. – 11. :::: STRAMU :::: TGT at international street art festival in Würzburg, Germany

13. ::::::::::::: TEATRUL GONG :::: TGT at theater festival in Sibiu, Romania
29. ::::::::::::: KRONBERGER KULTURNACHT :::: TGT at cultural festival in Kronberg, Germany

Since we will be on tour most of the year, we always gonna have our cases packed, ready to perform The Greatest Thing, Rocco’s famous MANCHINE robot act, or a solo singer-songwriter concert by Miss Walker. So, if one of the dates above brings us closer to you, and you are organizing an event before or after that day, just let us know and we’ll come over to play for you. Simply send an email to and tell us about the details. Here is our current trailer. Enjoy!

Make sure to follow The Greatest Thing, Miss Walker and Silent Rocco on Facebook to stay updated and in touch throughout the year. You can also support our artistic journey by either downloading Miss Walker’s album He(a)d Zirkus on Bandcamp (leave a donation, pay what you want). Or simply purchase her record directly on iTunes. Many thanks in advance! Let’s all have a beautiful 2016!

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