Big news! Two new female robots joining our Man Machines strolling act family!

You might or might not know our Man Machines robot act. It became kind of our signature act. When people think of or book Metroccolis, they often ask for these elegant guys. Born during an outdoor exhibition without any name, some day the owner of a discotheque asked us, if we could bring this act to his club. That was in 2006.


Since then, our robots have developed quite a bit, improving in their moves and character while keeping a strong elegance and simplicity in their appearance. It’s not just a costume. They literally grew on and with us. Their latest and most important upgrade came in form of new heads in 2011, built by the incredible Smirk Masks (hire him!).


Since we really get a lot of requests, it was about time to expand the family. So, early this year, Smirk went back to his secret robot lab and came back with two extremely beautiful female robot shells. We then got in touch with some of Berlin’s best physical performers to step into the new costumes: Katja Tannert (already part of the Metroccolis crew with the Love Duet), Mareike Jung and Lina Marie Rohde – professionals on stage, friends in private life.


That’s some really big news for us and we hope you like it as well. Now, you can order up to 4 personal robots. We can rock at bigger venues, we can mingle with bigger crowds and create bigger custom shows. Our new Man Machines already did several performances that were all extremely successful. And they just started…


We cannot dwell enough on the fact, how incredibly proud we are. Proud to have such great colleagues, to know such a gifted mask and prop maker (again, hire him!), and last but not least proud to offer a timeless act that’s been part of our lives for so long. Interested? Send an email to or call us at +49 178 137 62 26, and order your personal robots!

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